Saturday, 27 April 2013

Newsletter – Might Contain Nuts

Round 1 – The Welsh Ultra Running and Trail Marathon Series

23rd March saw both the The Welsh Ultra Running and Trail Marathon Series kick off with what should have been a 33 mile Ultra and Half Marathon respectively. The weather had different ideas and with heavy snow, gale force winds and conditions on the high ground providing an interesting challenge the decision was taken to move to a contingency route.
Any initial disappointment was replaced with understanding once the athletes had experienced the conditions on the first climb. Despite the shorter course the 128 athletes who started will testify to the size of the challenge. This will be one of those 'remember when' events.

Results can be viewed here.
Photos from the event can be viewed here.
Places and accommodation are available for Round 2 which takes place on the 11th May, the event website can be viewed here.

Round 1 – The Welsh Adventure Racing Series

13th April saw athletes from all over the UK gather at Talybont on Usk for Round 1 of The Welsh Adventure Racing Series. The event consists of up to 12 hours of racing, involving Mountain Biking, Trail Running / Trekking, Kayaking and Navigation in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.

The series aims to use the fantastic terrain available within the local area and with the weather adding it's own challenge it certainly qualified as a big day out!

Well done to everyone who took on the challenge, results can be viewed here.
Photos from the event can be viewed here.
Entries are now open for Round 2 which takes place on the 27th July, with a 6 hour option added for those of you who want to experience the fantastic terrain but are not quite ready for the full 12 hours. Early bird discounts are available for both formats, the event website can be viewed here and you can enter here.

Just to confirm rounds 2, 3 and 4 all qualify for 2 UTMB points. Confirmation can be seen here.

Rounds 2 and 3 also form part of the UK Run Further UltraRunning Championships.

Lastly we have decided to extend our charity support, previously we would donate £1 for every starter of the The Welsh Ultra Running Series to a nominated charity. This approach is obviously limited by the number of starters. With most rounds now selling out early we have decided to offer free charity places for either The Welsh Ultra Running or Trail Marathon Series. We have decided to support three fantastic causes;
There will be 5 charity places available for each cause. Simply enter in the normal way here (free entry) and choose your method of fund raising.

For the Welsh Air Ambulance and Brecon Mountain Rescue
  1. Use our central JustGiving page (make sure donations state your name so we can track your fund raising total).
  2. Set up your own fund raising page and send us the link.
  3. Bring a single cheque for the total amount raised to event registration.
For Jon and Otto
  1. Once you have claimed your place we will put you in touch with Jon and Otto.
A minimum of £100 must be raised per entry. The individual who raises the most will receive a prize to recognise their efforts. If you already have a paid entry and would like to swap to a charity place, please contact us at

Hope to see you at one of the events this year.

The Might Contain Nuts Team.

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